Divine Dish

Divine Dish Readings…Personalized Oracle Reading.

Receive a personalized oracle reading to help guide you in a Positive direction toward happiness, solution or outcome to what may be a concern i.e. relationships, career, feelings, general uncertainty, etc. Also receive a suggestion of a type of food/meal to help support your reading and help strengthen your soul for your wonderful journey ahead.

We specialize in Oracle readings with food/meal suggestions for a fun and intuitive twist!

Readings may be done via text, phone and email.  You will receive one on one time – your card will be sent so you may see the image of your card along with an explanation on how it relates to YOU!

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Today’s Daily Reading

Today’s card is Reconciliation it shows that ill feelings have happened on both sides. With time and forgiveness you’ll be able to find a happy middle ground to work from. The relationship/situation will grow in strength from there. 
I also see that forgiveness of yourself is needed as reconciliation means you were not 100% at fault. Everything has a reason and this needed to happen for growth of both sides
Today’s food recommendation is comfort food! Forget the diets for today and feed and comfort your soul with a dish that means comfort happy memories to you. You’ll be happy you did